"Drumming" - Αν Τερέζα Ντε Κέερσμακερ


( Guardian.co.uk by Judith Mackrell ) 

There can be no better bargain on the British stage right now than a ticket to the Sampled season at Sadler's Wells, and especially to its two performances of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's Drumming. Set to Steve Reich's score of the same name, this fusion of atomic precision and raw energy is one of the masterpieces of the late 20th century. Like De Keersmaeker's early work, Fase, Drumming adapts the compositional principles of its music: tightly rhythmic modules of dance accumulate in detail and scope; and passages of unison shift incrementally out of synch to form brain-teasing, skin-tingling tapestries of movement..... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Judith Mackrell